Asia Cryo Controller

A high performance, ultra cold cooling module for flow chemistry reactions.

Part of the Asia range

This compact module requires only mains power to rapidly cool a selection of fluoropolymer or stainless steel tube reactors to -70°C or a range of glass or quartz microreactors to -100°C.

Designed specifically for flow chemistry, the Asia Cryo Controller offers the ultimate in compact, high performance, trouble free cooling of flow chemistry processes. By using sophisticated proprietary cooling, the module only requires mains power to achieve temperatures as low as -100°C. The module allows either a tube reactor adaptor or a microreactor adaptor to be connected at any one time. The quick latch mechanism means that the adaptors can be changed in seconds without the need for tools.

  • Ultra cold: Cools a selection of tube reactors to -70°C or a range of microreactors to -100°C*
  • No tools required: The module allows either a tube reactor adaptor or microreactor adaptor to be attached or detached in seconds without tools
  • Mains power only: Only regular mains supply needed for cooling. No dry ice, liquid N2, running water, or circulator required!
  • Easy to use on its own: Turn the dial to select the desired process temperature
  • Compact: The Asia Cryo Controller is just 16 cm (6.3″) wide
  • Flexible: The module can cool a wide range of reactors including glass or quartz microreactors (62.5 μL or 250 μL) and fluoropolymer or stainless steel tube reactors (4 mL and 16 mL)
  • Clear reaction view: Clear insulation and a nitrogen purge ensure the reaction can be viewed even at ultra low temperatures.
  • Easy automation: The Asia Cryo Controller can connect to the Asia Manager PC Software along with the other Asia modules to enable sophisticated automation

*Please note that at ambient temperature above 20°C, the lowest achievable reactor temperature may be higher than -100°C for microreactors and -70°C for tube reactors

Compatible Asia modules

The Asia Cryo Controller can be used either “stand alone” or with the range of other Asia modules: Asia Syringe Pump, Asia Pressurised Input Store, Asia Reagent Injector, Asia Chip Climate Controller, Asia Heater, Asia FLLEX (Flow Liquid-Liquid EXtraction), Asia Pressure Controller, Asia Sampler and DilutorAsia Automated Collector, Asia Product Collector, and the Asia Manager PC Software:

      • 2200721 Asia Cryo Controller Tube Reactor Adaptor
      • 2200722 Asia Cryo Controller Microreactor Adaptor
      • 2200723 Asia 4 mL Low Temp Tube Reactor Fluoropolymer
      • 2200724 Asia 16 mL Low Temp Tube Reactor Fluoropolymer
      • 2200725 62.5 μL Low Temp Microreactor Chip 3 Input
      • 2200726 250 μL Low Temp Microreactor Chip 3 Input
      • 2200727 Chip Header with Low Temp FFKM Seals
      • 2200728 Low Temp FFKM Seals (Pack of 10)

*Inputs are not pre-cooled


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