Asia Sampler and Dilutor for Syrris Asia flow chemistry systemsThe Asia Sampler and Dilutor enables on-line reaction analysis by offering automated sample extraction, dilution and transfer to virtually any LCMS, GCMS, UPLC, etc.

Without stopping the experiment, the Asia Sampler and Dilutor automatically takes a 5 µL sample (or multiple samples) from the flowing stream of each experiment, dilutes it (by a factor from 5 to 250) and automatically injects it into the analytical apparatus.

The Asia Sampler and Dilutor module sends a ‘start’ signal to the chromatography device to start the run. It can also accept a ‘busy’ state signal from the device to avoid injecting a sample before it is ready.

      • Dilution factor: 5 – 250
      • Reaction operating pressure: 0 – 20 bar
      • High pressure (chromatography) operating pressure: valve dependent
      • Wetted materials pre-dilution (i.e. in contact with reaction solution): Glass, PTFE and PCTFE
      • Wetted materials post-dilution: PTFE and 316 Stainless Steel
      • Outer materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, and polyurethane sprayed white with highly chemically resistant epoxy paint.
      • Active parts anodized red
      • Dimensions: H 260 mm x W 160 mm x D 265 mm
      • Display: 50 mm x 16 mm LED display with status indicator LEDs
      • Voltage input: 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Asia Sampler and Dilutor in publications

The open access paper “An autonomous microreactor platform for the rapid identification of kinetic models” describes the uses of the Syrris Asia Sampler and Dilutor module to conduct automation reaction experiments and measure the outlet reactant and product concentrations using HPLC without user supervision. Read the paper here.

This module is for the following Syrris products: