Syrris' Leandro Carvalho in the lab demonstrating the Asia microreactor


Supporting our community by sharing ideas and knowledge on batch and flow chemistry.

We love to connect with like-minded people who share our passion for chemistry, and are always up for a chat to exchange ideas and knowledge. We keep in touch with our customers, whether that’s helping them get the most from their Syrris products, listening to their valuable feedback, or merely cheerleading them on when they publish a great piece of scientific research.

Here, you’ll find the latest Syrris news, customer stories, event calendar, and blog. Have a look around, and feel free to get in touch and join in.

  • Working collaboratively

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Install of Syrris Asia system
A picture of TauRX's lab showcasing the Atlas HD systems and Atlas Syringe Pumps
Syrris customer using the Asia system
Robert Bird at Xeros Technology Group standing next to the Syrris Orb Pilot with custom stirrer and gearbox
Syrris Customer Image using Atlas HD in the lab

Syrris customer stories

At Syrris, we pride ourselves on offering innovative, intelligent and high-quality chemistry products along with excellent post-sales support and service.

With 1000+ users in the community, there are plenty of chemists out there using Syrris products to perform influential chemistry. Find out what our customers have to say about us and read their success stories.

Syrris customer using an Asia Flow Chemistry System in their lab

Syrris events

Syrris attend chemistry conferences around the world, showcasing our award-winning and innovative products. We also host free workshops and training on a wide range of subjects, including flow chemistry, automated chemistry, and reaction calorimetry.

In this increasingly online world we’re living in, we’ve taken our workshops to a virtual format and host educational webinars to enable us to continue sharing ideas and knowledge with our community.

Syrris Achema Booth

Why community matters

For medicinal chemists embarking on flow for the first time, the key to successfully implementing the technique …lies in talking to experts in the field, from published authors to commercial system vendors with a good understanding of drug discovery.

Lee Walmsley, Senior Team Leader in Chemistry at Vernalis Research (and Syrris customer)
Lee Walmsey, Senior Team Leader in Chemistry at Vernalis Research

Dedicated demo space

Our batch and flow demonstration rooms are spaces we dedicate to bringing the latest chemistry technology to you. With Syrris kit set up and ready to go in a professionally lit and sound-proof environment, we deliver high quality one-on-one live product demos, workshops, and webinars.

Syrris' Aidan Davie in the batch demo room

Syrris chemistry blog

The Syrris blog offers the latest news from the world of chemistry, including commentary from experienced Syrris chemists and guest bloggers from various industries. We cover traditional batch techniques, new and modern continuous flow, reaction calorimetry safety, and scale-up.

Italian Institute of Technology researchers
Syrris Lab on Lockdown Live Event
How a busy CRO managed to overcome COVID-19 restrictions to deliver their projects. We speak with Lee Walmsley from Vernalis, a Cambridge based CRO, to hear how Vernalis adapted their lab space to enable their teams to automate experiments remotely.
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