About us

Syrris is a world leader in high quality, innovative products for research and development chemists and chemical engineers.

Since forming in 2001, Syrris has grown year on year and now has products in hundreds of chemical companies and academic institutions worldwide including all of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and most leading academic institutions.

A chemist setting up Syrris Titan flow chemistry scale up system for use
A photograph of Syrris employees in the Royston office
A photograph of Syrris employee, Leandro, with a plate of meat during the Syrris Summer BBQ

Syrris’ background

Syrris is based in Royston (near Cambridge), UK. We have subsidiary offices in the USA, Japan, India, and Brazil as well as over 40 distributors worldwide who offer technical assistance and support.

Syrris takes pride in designing, developing, and selling easy to use products for chemists and chemical engineers in areas such as academia, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, flavor & fragrance, and petrochemical industries as well as many others.

These versatile products cover a broad range of applications from synthesis, process optimization and reaction analysis, to crystallization, calorimetry, scale-up, and many more. Syrris has 4 major product types: batch reactor systemsflow reactor systems, scale-up systems, and reaction calorimeters.

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Net promoter score

A net promoter score of 60 places Syrris in a league with some of the world’s best-known companies

Offices worldwide

3 offices in Royston, UK; a glass manufacturing site in Cambridge, UK; and global offices in US, Japan, India, and Brazil


Over 40 distributors supporting our customers all across the world. Find your local distributor here.

A brief history of Syrris….

  • Syrris was founded in August 2001 by Mark Gilligan and Richard Gray to address the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry by developing new and exciting technologies.
  • By 2003, Syrris had received a significant investment that enabled the early stage development of Africa (a fully automated microreactor system).
  • 2004 saw the official launch of Africa as well as significant expansion.
  • In 2005 as Syrris’ sales increased, Syrris, Inc. was set up in Boston, Massachusetts, US.
  • The Atlas range of automated batch reactor products was launched in August 2006. Designed specifically for ease of use, all Atlas products require no tools, are highly chemically resistant and can be controlled by the hardware or PC software.
  • During 2007, the new Syrris products of FRX and Atlas were quickly adopted by major pharma companies. Syrris also started to develop its worldwide network of distributors including China and India.
  • In 2008, a Japanese Syrris subsidiary office was set up in Tokyo.
  • An order value increase of nearly 2.5 times the 2008 total made 2009 a year of global expansion with the incorporation of Syrris India as Syrris’ third subsidiary office and the signing of 15 distributors in countries including Singapore, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Thailand, and many more.
  • Syrris Brazil was officially launched in January 2010. Syrris’ new Asia flow chemistry pump was launched in March 2010 and a range of high-pressure Atlas option products (Sodium and Potassium) was also launched.
  • 2011 saw the launch of Asia. Asia is the most advanced flow chemistry system ever developed. It is compact, easy to use, chemically resistant, has wide temperature, pressure, and scale ranges, and can be used manually or can be fully automated.
  • In 2012 Syrris won the prestigious R&D 100 Award for the Asia Flow Chemistry System. The R&D100 Awards, widely recognized as the “Oscars of Innovation”, identify and celebrate the top high technology products of the year.
  • In 2015 Syrris launched a new range of low-cost benchtop jacketed reactors called Orb.
  • 2016 was a year for Syrris to focus heavily on developing its new line of pilot scale reactors in both batch and Flow Chemistry.
  • 2017 was a big year for new product launches. Syrris moved into a new market for pilot plant and manufacturing technology. This year saw the launch of both Orb Pilot (batch pilot scale reactor) and Titan (large scale continuous flow chemistry system).
A Glass Solutions' glassblower, creating a glass vessel for an Atlas HD automated chemistry reactor
The Syrris software team, hard at work in the Royston office
Syrris employees enjoying their weekly
Syrris Titan Pump Setup