Syrris' Hatice Kasap at a photography session with an Orb Jacketed Reactor

About us

Syrris is a world leader in high quality, innovative products for research and development chemists and chemical engineers.

Making more chemistry possible since 2001

Since forming in 2001, Syrris has grown year on year and now has products in hundreds of chemical companies and academic institutions worldwide including all of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and most leading academic institutions.

Syrris is based in Royston (near Cambridge), UK. We have subsidiary offices in the US, Japan, India, and Switzerland as well as over 50 distributors worldwide who offer technical assistance and support.

Syrris Dr. Omar Jina, Director of Chemistry Automation Products, networking
Product design sketch of Syrris Orb
Syrris Auditorium, Dr. Omar Jina, Director of Chemistry Automation Products presenting
Syrris' Hatice Kasap using our virtual reality

Application solutions for chemistry

Syrris takes pride in designing and developing easy to use products for chemists and chemical engineers in areas including academia, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, flavor & fragrance, and petrochemical industries, and more.

Covering a broad range of applications, we have 4 major product flow and batch chemistry families: Asia flow chemistry systems, Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor, Orb jacketed reactor and Orb Pilot scale-up jacketed reactor.

Andrew Mansfield Product Manager of Flow Chemistry at Syrris in the lab with tube reactor
Assembling the Syrris Asia Photochemistry System
Working with the Syrris Orb Pilot
Using the Syrris Atlas HD touchscreen
Opening the Syrris Orb clamp

Part of the AGI Group

Syrris is part of the AGI Group; a global leader in providing premium quality chemical processing equipment from laboratory scale to pilot plant and manufacturing scale.

Founded in 1950 as a glassware manufacturer in Omuta, Japan, AGI Group has developed into a complete solution provider for a wide range of industries. The groups’ unrivaled expertise means they can produce equipment ranging from lab-scale to industrial-scale as well as complex custom projects.

Photograph of AGI CEO
Photograph of Syrris glassblowing facility, Glass Solutions


Net promoter score

A net promoter score of 60 places Syrris in a league with some of the world’s best-known companies

Offices worldwide

Head office in Royston, UK; a glass manufacturing site in Cambridge, UK; and global offices in the US, Japan, India, and Switzerland


Syrris works in partnership with over 50 well-trained distributors worldwide, offering expert knowledge and local support. Find your local distributor here.

Our team

The team at Syrris is made up of many different types of people. We employ specialists in their field, from chemical engineers and chemists to software engineers and marketing executives.

Despite the variety, we all have one thing in common: the desire to revolutionize chemistry technology and to help our users to create awesome chemistry.

View of the Syrris office, showing custom Orb Pilot CAD
Leah Granville, Marketing manager, in Syrris photoshoot
Leandro Nogueira at a Syrris BBQ
Syrris office
Syrris manufacturing

Senior Management Team

Mike Hawes
Mike Hawes, CEO
Stuart Simcock
Chief of Staff
Stuart Simcock, Chief of Staff
Dr. Omar Jina
Director of Chemistry Automation Products
Dr. Omar Jina, Director of Chemistry Automation Products


Andrew Mansfield
Product Manager, Flow Chemistry
Andrew Mansfield, Product Manager, Flow Chemistry
Stephen Heffernan
Product Manager, Batch Chemistry
Stephen Heffernan, Product Manager, Batch Chemistry
Simon Gibson
Production Manager, Royston
Simon Gibson, Production Manager, Royston
Phil Podmore
Head of Support
Phil Podmore, Head of Support
Leah Granville
Marketing Manager
Leah Granville, Marketing Manager

A brief history of Syrris...

So much has happened since Syrris was founded in 2001 and it means a lot to us that we’re still here, 20 years later, with our batch and flow chemistry products still being used in laboratories around the world.

This scrolling timeline depicts some key moments in our company history.

Syrris 2001, the idea to develop technologies for microfluidic chemistry for R&D chemists around the world
Syrris 2001, when Syrris was founded
Syrris 2002-2004, released the first fully automated flow microreactor system, Africa
Syrris 2006, Mark Gilligan wrote the first wikipedia page on flow chemistry
Syrris 2006, Atlas automated batch reactor systems were launched
Syrris 2007-2010, opening offices in Japan, India and Brazil
Syrris 2007-2010, Distribution networks were established across Europe, India and China
Syrris 2011, The pioneering Asia Flow Chemistry System was established
Syrris 2012, a year after launching Syrris wins the R&D 100 Award for the Asia Flow Chemistry System
Syrris 2012, Syrris was identified as the leading global provider of flow chemistry equipment in an independent report
Syrris 2013, Blacktrace acquires Glass Solutions
Syrris 2014-2019, saw a lot of product launches including Orb, Orb Pilot, automated Atlas HD jacketed reactor system and the Asia Automated Reagent Injector
Syrris 2020, Syrris and Glass Solutions were acquired by AGI Group
Syrris 2021, launch of Asia Photochemistry Reactor
Syrris looking to the future
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