Atlas Syringe Pump

Part of the Atlas HD range

A perfect addition to your lab, the Atlas Syringe Pump and Atlas XL Syringe Pump can be used as standalone syringe pumps with your existing batch reactors or controlled by the Atlas HD automated reactor or the Atlas PC Software 1. Offering a small footprint, Atlas Syringe Pumps are lightweight enough to be easily moved between lab benches.

pH controlled dosing

Combined with an Atlas pH probe and node, the Atlas Syringe Pump can automatically dose an acid and/or base to keep the pH or your reaction within a defined range. Automated pH control can save chemists valuable time by removing the need to manually add small amounts of acid/base over the course of a reaction.

A wealth of chemical and biological transformations exist that show a strong correlation between pH and rate of reaction. Many starting materials, reactive intermediates, and products are sensitive to acids/bases, so accurate pH control is essential for reactions to progress reliably. Automated and precise pH control enables chemists more control over certain chemistries, such as catalytic reactions, bio-reactions, and enzymatic reactions, and enables measurement of reaction kinetics and conversion.

Syrris Atlas Syringe Pump pH control graph
Automated pH controlled dosing
A graph showing the Atlas Syringe Pump controlling the pH level of an un-buffered solution

Temperature-dependent dosing

The Atlas Syringe Pumps offer temperature-dependent dosing, allowing you to pause reagent addition until your reactor temperature is within a defined range. Automatically mitigate against exotherms and endotherms, increasing laboratory safety and saving valuable time.

Accurate temperature control and monitoring is vital for accurately predicting the scale-up of chemical processes, and in biochemistry, temperature control is critical to avoiding denaturing or damaging the product.

Syrris Atlas Syringe Pump temperature-dependent dosing graph
Automated temperature-dependent dosing
The reactor temperature, circulator temperature, and cumulative dosed volume of NaOH (aq) for the temperature-dependent dosing experiment are shown in this graph

Pseudo-gravimetric dosing

Atlas Syringe Pumps can perform pseudo-gravimetric dosing, a powerful technique for the accurate introduction of a reagent into a reactor, utilizing a mass balance to ensure that the desired quantity of reagent is dosed. In test experiments, the process gave excellent results with an error in dosing of less than or equal to 0.1% of the required dosed amount.

Pseudo-gravimetric dosing setup on Atlas Syringe Pump
Pseudo-gravimetric dosing
A photograph from test experiments demonstrating pseudo-gravimetric dosing using Atlas Syringe Pump paired with Ohaus Pioneer Balance and Atlas Software


The Atlas Syringe Pump enables automated sampling of up to 6 samples with each syringe/valve, directly through the syringe pump or through the Atlas PC Software 1.

Chemists can define a number of variables for complete control, including; the number of samples needed; the volume of each sample; the time it takes to aspirate the sample; the delay before the first sample is taken; and the delay between each sample.

Customer story: using Atlas Syringe Pumps for gold nanoparticle production

Researchers at Midatech Biogune, a Spanish biotechnology company, are using Syrris Atlas Syringe Pumps with Atlas automated jacketed reactor systems to produce custom-made functionalized gold nanoparticles for medicinal use.

Our Atlas Potassium reactors, with pH control and an Atlas XL Syringe Pump, have allowed us to scale­up production, enabling variables such as pH and temperature to be tightly controlled”

2 sizes for different chemistry needs

Choose from the Atlas Syringe Pump and the Atlas XL Syringe Pump depending on the chemistry your lab conducts. Both pumps offer equally smooth flow, 6 bar pressure, 2 syringes, 2 valves, up to 6 ports per valve, and all 6 main modes of operation.

Atlas Syringe Pump offers a flow rate of 0.5 μL/min to 20,000 μL/min (20 mL) and syringe sizes from 50 μL to 5000 μL.

The Atlas XL Syringe Pump offers a flow rate of 0.005 mL/min to 200 mL/min and syringe sizes from 0.5 mL to 50 mL. See the full breakdown of flow rates and syringe sizes below).

Atlas Syringe Pump and Atlas XL Syringe Pump

Standalone, PC, or Atlas HD Base control

The Atlas Syringe Pumps have been designed to work as standalone syringe pumps, using the click wheel control and screen to select and configure dosing methods.

Atlas Syringe Pumps offer 6 main modes of operation:

      1. Dual Dosing Mode allows independent control of each syringe and associated valve, enabling chemists to dose with one syringe and autosample using the other. Available commands include: dose a particular volume; pump at a particular flow rate; dose one reagent to many jacketed reactors; sophisticated profiles; and auto-sampling (connect the Autosampler and probe to enable automated sampling of up to 6 samples with each syringe/valve)
      2. pH Control Mode can automatically dose an acid and/or base to keep the pH or your reaction within a defined range
      3. Temperature Control Dosing Mode enables the Atlas Syringe Pump to dose key chemicals based on a set temperature, offering safe dosing into exothermic reactions
      4. Continuous-Dosing Mode enables 2 syringe pumps to work together to produce 1 continuous flow, i.e. one is refilling while the other is dispensing
      5. Atlas HD Base Control Mode enables an Atlas HD automated jacketed reactor (or Reactor Master automation unit) to control the Atlas Syringe Pump as part of an automated temperature and stirrer speed profile
      6. PC Control Mode controls the Atlas Syringe Pump from Atlas PC Software 1, enabling the pump to be used in complex, multi-step automated reactions


    1. The Atlas Syringe Pumps can perform dual-dosing, continuous dosing, pH control, and temperature-dependent control in Standalone mode, enabling chemists to move the pump around the lab for use with different reactors.The valves are user changeable and are available in a number of different port options. Each of the ports on each valve can be configured to be an input or output, therefore, with a 6 port valve it is possible to pump from up to 5 sources to one reactor, etc. per syringe. The syringes are also user changeable and come in a variety of sizes, corresponding to a variety of flow rate ranges. Use the Atlas Pump Pressurized Input Store to enable an inert gas blanket over the samples to be pumped and to minimize cavitation/bubbles.

Flow rate range for the Atlas Syringe Pump

 Flow rate range for the Atlas Syringe Pump
 Min flow rate μL/min  Max flow rate μL/min
Syringe size (μL)  Continuous flow Dual dose mode   Continuous flow  Dual dose mode
 50 10 0.5 200 200
 100 20 1 400 400
 250 50 2.5 1000 1000
 500 100 5 2000 2000
 1000 200 10 4000 4000
 2500 500 25 10000 10000
 5000 1000 50 20000 20000

Flow rate range for the Atlas XL Syringe Pump

 Flow rate range for the Atlas XL Syringe Pump (in mL)
 Min flow rate mL/min  Max flow rate mL/min
Syringe size (mL)  Continuous flow Dual dose mode   Continuous flow  Dual dose mode
 0.5 0.1 0.005 2 2
1 0.2 0.01 4 4
2.5 0.5 0.025 10 10
5 1 0.05 20 20
10 2 0.1 40 40
25 5 0.25 100 100
50 10 0.5 200 200

What our customers say

Thanks again for your support! The pump arrived yesterday in good condition and we started testing immediately. You did not promise too much at all. It runs quietly, smoothly and the user interface is – as you said – straightforward. The size and design fit perfect to our needs and I love the metal finish.

Dr Adrian Press, Jena University Hospital, Germany


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