Asia Manager PC Software

Part of the Asia range

Asia Manager Software is an easy-to-use and intuitive PC software for total walk-away control of your Asia System. The software allows “chemist familiar” terms to be entered, e.g. required reaction time, temperature, reagent quantities, concentrations, and equivalents to be used.

The software then calculates all the flow rates, timings etc. even for sophisticated multi-step reactions. This enables full and easy automation of the entire process including temperature control, pump rates, sample injections and product collection.

All modules connected to the PC are automatically detected and their status tracked. It is possible to open a previous experiment, select from a list of preconfigured fluidic layouts, or create your own.

A list of experiments can be created in seconds and when running, the experiment’s data such as temperatures, pressures and flow rates can be plotted and is automatically logged.

The Asia Manager PC Software is the most sophisticated and powerful software available for flow chemistry.

Asia Manager PC Software requirements

The Asia Manager PC Software requires the Asia Automator to connect to modules other than the Asia Syringe Pump or Asia Sampler and Dilutor.


  • Asia Scale-Up Flow Chemistry System

    For easy scale-up of reactions from milligram to multi-gram quantities using flow chemistry.

    View system details
  • Asia Cold Flow Chemistry System

    Enables safe chemical reactions under cryogenic conditions (e.g. exothermic organometallic reactions).

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  • Asia Electrochemistry Flow Chemistry System

    For easy access to electrochemical reactions in continuous flow, enabling selectivity and transformations impossible by other techniques.

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  • Asia Discovery Flow Chemistry System

    Capable of running flow experiments that require limited quantities of starting material or expensive reagents.

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  • Asia Process Optimization Flow Chemistry System

    Ideal for converting a batch chemistry reaction to a flow chemistry process and varying parameters for reaction optimization.

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  • Asia Nanoparticle Flow Chemistry System

    Performs nanoparticle synthesis in flow with fast and reproducible mixing, excellent heat transfer and accurate temperature control.

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  • Asia Premium Flow Chemistry System

    Features a full range of Asia modules and enables standard flow chemistry operations as well as advanced use.

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