Asia Pressurized Input Store for Syrris Asia flow chemistry systemsThe Asia Pressurized Input Store is designed for use with the Asia Syringe Pump. It holds up to 4 x 250 mL reagent bottles (included) under a pressurized inert atmosphere. This not only enables the use of air and moisture sensitive reagents but also assists in delivering an extremely smooth flow by minimizing input cavitation and gas bubble formation during pumping at high flow rates.

The bottles provided are plastic coated and are fitted with septum caps enabling air and moisture sensitive reagents to be loaded via a cannula.

Asia Pressurized Input Store specifications:

      • Accepted pressure range of the gas input: 1-10 bar
      • Regulated output pressure (to bottles): 1 bar
      • Wetted materials: Glass and PTFE
      • Outer materials: Aluminium and stainless steel sprayed white with highly chemically resistant epoxy paint. Polypropylene tray.
      • Active parts anodized red
      • Bottles capacity: 4 x 250 mL
      • Dimensions: H 230 mm x W 160 mm x D 245 mm (Height with bottles)