Asia Product Collector

Part of the Asia range

The Asia Product Collector allows convenient collection of samples into a range of vessel sizes. The automated 3-way valve allows the solvent between samples (and/or reaction samples not at steady state) to be diverted to waste and the reaction to be collected.

When controlled by the Asia Syringe Pump or from a PC (via the Asia Automator), the valve automatically switches from waste to collection allowing total walk-away synthesis of one reaction and minimum collection volume. In standalone mode, the valve can also be toggled (between waste and collection) manually using the button on the top of the module.

The Asia Product Collector can accommodate three different vial sizes in its manually rotated carrousel. The valve assembly can also be removed and held remotely for the collection of large volumes when scaling up.

Operating pressure 0 – 20 bar
Wetted materials Glass, PTFE, PCTFE and PFA
Outer materials Aluminium, stainless steel, and polyurethane sprayed white with highly chemically resistant epoxy paint
Active parts anodized red
Dimensions H 400mm x W 160mm x D 265mm
Display 26mm x 88mm LED display
Voltage input 100V to 240V AC


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