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  2. Atlas Hotplate (for Atlas Classic) (230V/120V)

    The Atlas Hotplate for the Atlas Classic Base Unit connects via a bayonet fitting and is automatically detected. The Atlas Hotplate includes a heater and an embedded RTD for feedback of plate temperature and a thermal cut-out for safe operation. The Atlas Hotplate can be controlled directly from the Base […]
  3. Atlas Classic Base

    The Base Unit is the centre of any Atlas system. The Base Unit can be configured into a variety of different systems for different applications such as discovery or process chemistry. In every case, the hardware clicks into place in seconds without the need for tools.
  4. Syrris Values

    The 3 core Syrris Values that keep us striving forward are: Push the boundaries, say what you do & do what you say, plus, be passionate & have fun. At Syrris, we like to do things our own way and have been doing so since 2001 when the company started. […]
  5. Atlas HD Base Unit

    A touch screen base for full reaction automation on Atlas HD automated chemistry systems. All Atlas HD systems include the Atlas HD Base Unit.
  6. Jacketed Vessels and Lids

    Choose from a range of handmade borosilicate glass jacketed reaction vessels and lids. Round Bottomed Jacketed Vessels: 100 mL to 5 L Torispeherical Jacketed Vessels: 50 mL to 2 L Vacuum Jacketed Vessels: 100 mL to 5 L Conical Bottom Vessels: 250 mL to 1 L Stainless Steel Jacketed Vessels […]
  7. Atlas Scorpion Overhead Stirrer

    The Atlas Scorpion Overhead Stirrer is a quick release, high RPM stirrer motor, and coupling. The Scorpion Overhead Stirrer provides auto-aligning overhead stirring up to 800RPM for Atlas Potassium or Sodium type systems. Connecting directly to the Base Unit, the Scorpion Overhead Stirrer includes a flexible arm and drive head which […]
  8. Stirrer

    Wide range of PTFE, glass, stainless steel stirrers in a variety of geometries including anchor, pitch blade turbine and retreat curve impellor.
  9. Temperature Node and Probe

    Easy connection to the Atlas HD base. Our probes are available in different lengths to suit different vessels.
  10. Atlas Stirrer Seal and Guide

    Stable and reliable stirrer seal and guide for high rpm and easy connection to the Scorpion Overhead Stirrer.
  11. Atlas Jacketed Vessel Clamp

    The Jacketed Vessel Clamp is a quick-release clamping mechanism for regular (not 3 bar rated) Atlas jacketed reactors. Designed to make changing reactors both quick and easy, the Jacketed Vessel Clamp has a simple mechanism to clamp and release the reactor and lid simultaneously. The reactor clamp fits onto the Support […]
  12. Atlas Oil Drain Unit, Oil Pipe Tidy, and Oil Pipes

    The perfect accessory for those wishing to change vessels with as little fuss and mess as possible. Atlas HD Oil Drain Unit The Oil Drain Unit provides the ability to drain oil from a Jacketed Reactor Vessel back into a recirculator without exposure to the oil. It is connected to […]