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  1. Library synthesis in flow chemistry

  2. Private: Titan Large Store

    The Titan Large Store is a large temperature-controlled reagent store and product collector and features a powerful stirrer for agitation of reagents/products. Optional full automation and pressurization is available. Includes floor-standing Titan frame and vessel sizes of 20 L, 30 L, or 50 L. Vessel and stirrer changes are quick […]
  3. Private: Titan Back Pressure Regulator

    Material: Stainless Steel, Hastelloy Pressure: 20 bar Temp range – 40°-250°C
  4. Private: Rigid Intermodule Connector

    The Rigid Intermodule Connector joins and seals the system across a temperature range of -40°C to 250°C and allows the integration of thermocouples and other monitoring devices.
  5. Private: Titan Framework

    Titan framework is designed to be robust and easily reconfigurable. The framework enables pumps, reactors, feed vessels, and other modules to be easily clipped on and off. The frame is modular, and several frames can be quickly clipped together. The frame comes with wheels, drip tray, adjustable leveling mechanism, and […]
  6. Private: Automation

    Control process parameters across the modules, using Titan software.
  7. Asia Pressurized Input Store

    The Asia Pressurized Input Store is designed for use with the Asia Syringe Pump. It holds up to 4 x 250 mL reagent bottles (included) under a pressurized inert atmosphere. This not only enables the use of air and moisture sensitive reagents but also assists in delivering an extremely smooth […]
  8. Private: ARCHIVE Titan

    Titan is a revolutionary continuous chemical processing system for production scales from kilo lab, through pilot plant to manufacturing.
  9. Asia Syringe Pump

    Designed specifically for flow chemistry the Asia Syringe provides an ultra-smooth flow rate of 1.0 μL to 10 mL/min and pressures up to 20 bar (300psi), and is constructed from extremely chemically resistant materials. The Asia Syringe Pump offers two independent flow channels each with an integrated pressure sensor and […]
  10. Asia Reagent Injector

    The Asia Reagent Injector includes 2 extremely chemically resistant injection valves with sample loops (5 mL by default, 0.1 mL, 1 mL, and 10 mL also available). The sample loops can be filled with reagent by syringe through the Luer fittings. Reagent volumes that consist of full or partial loop […]
  11. Asia Automated Reagent Injector

    The Asia Automated Reagent Injector allows automated aspiration and loading of multiple reagents into injection loops under inert conditions; and subsequent pressurization prior to injection. Removable racks for a range of vial sizes and pre-pressurization to avoid pressure drops within the reactions (up to 20 bar) enable ultimate flexibility. Designed […]
  12. Asia Chip Climate Controller

    The Asia Chip Climate Controller enables a range of glass microreactors to be cooled or heated from -15ºC to +150ºC without the need for an external circulator or cold water supply. The Peltier-based system ensures quick and accurate temperature control within a very compact module. The Asia Chip Climate Controller […]