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  1. Orb Jacketed Reactor

    Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, Orb is the jacketed reactor system combining high performance and excellent value.
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    Syrris Terms and Conditions
  3. Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy   Syrris is a subsidiary of Asahi Glassplant UK Ltd. The term ‘Glass Solutions’ or ‘Asahi Glassplant’ or “AGI” or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is Asahi Glassplant UK Ltd, 3 Anglian Business Park, Royston, SG8 5TW, United Kingdom. Registered […]
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    Syrris booking form for events Please use the form below to book your place or register your interest.  A member of the Syrris team will be in touch shortly to confirm. [gravityform id=”1″ title=”false” description=”true”]
  5. Syrris launches Asia Automated Reagent Injector at ACS

    Syrris, a world leader in the field of flow chemistry, launched its Asia Automated Reagent Injector at the 252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia, USA.  This latest innovation is designed for use with Asia flow chemistry systems, enabling fully automated experiments with multiple reagents. Driven by […]
  6. Syrris Orb Batch Reactors are designed for you

    Syrris’ state-of-the-art Orb jacketed reactors are designed by chemists for chemists, ensuring they perfectly meet the demands of your work. Whether you are engaged in lab scale reactions or looking to move to pilot scale processes, there is an Orb system designed for you. The benchtop Orb jacketed reactor combines exceptional […]
  7. Private: Syrris to preview Titan continuous processing scale-up system at P-MEC

    Syrris, a world leader in chemistry process innovation, is previewing its revolutionary Titan system at P-MEC in Barcelona, Spain, from the 4th to the 6th of October. This modular continuous chemical processing system is designed to enable straightforward scale-up, from kilo lab through pilot plant to manufacturing. Titan is an […]
  8. Private: Titan Syringe Pump

    The Titan Syringe Pump is a high-performance pump for safe and reliable continuous flow scale-up with maximum chemical compatibility and ultra-smooth flow. Overview of the Titan Syringe Pump The single channel pump is optimized for chemical continuous processing applications and offers flow rates from 1 to 250 mL/min and pressures […]
  9. What is electrochemistry?

  10. Private: Titan Reactors

    Titan features various reactor modules which can be quickly connected together to create single- or multi-step, and multi-temperature zone reactors. Our patent pending technology makes it easy to move from lab scale to pilot scale chemistry. Pre-Reaction Heat Exchanger – for heating or cooling the reagents before the reaction proceeds. […]
  11. Inline liquid-liquid extraction

  12. Private: Titan Small Store

    The Titan Small Store is a temperature-controlled reagent store and product collector and features a powerful stirrer for agitation of reagents/products. Optional full automation and pressurization is available. Fits bench-top or floor-standing Titan frame and includes vessel sizes of 1 L, 5 L, or 10 L. Vessel and stirrer changes […]