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  1. Reaction calorimetry

    An invaluable tool for process chemists and chemical engineers for determining reaction kinetics and optimizing known reactions. Find out all about reaction calorimetry here.
  2. Crystallization

    A detailed explanation of crystallization; how it is used in industry, and the various methods and technologies available for performing it.
  3. Sonocrystallization

    Sonocrystallization Sonocrystallization involves the application of ultrasound energy to control the nucleation and crystal growth of a crystallization process. It is a relatively modern technique (first reported in 1927) compared to traditional crystallization methods and enables nucleation at the lowest level of supersaturation where the crystallization overcomes the tendency of […]
  4. What is flow chemistry?

  5. Flow chemistry reactions

  6. Scaling up in flow chemistry

  7. Synthesis and analysis in flow chemistry

  8. Solid phase chemistry in flow

  9. Nanoparticle synthesis

    Discover nanoparticles, their unique material properties and why the ability to synthesise nanoparticles with good and controlled qualities is desirable in various fields of application.
  10. Private: Carbon capture storage (CCS)

    How calorimetry in carbon capture storage (CCS) is helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) (or Carbon Capture and Sequestration or Carbon Control and Sequestration) is the process of capturing waste carbon dioxide (CO2) from large point sources. One solution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions is post-combustion carbon dioxide absorption. In order […]
  11. Green chemistry

  12. Syrris Roadshow – Derby, UK

    All the latest technology in flow, automated batch, and chemical scale-up chemistry coming to you! Meet the team, discuss your applications, and experience the technology during our Syrris Roadshow. This event in Derby, UK is an open event with spaces available.  Contact us to register!