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  1. Bronze Stirrer Motor

    The Bronze Stirrer Motor is the entry level motor for Orb.  Offering simple manual control of speed from 110 to 2000rpm and peak torque of 18 Ncm, the Bronze Stirrer Motor is an ideal partner for straight forward applications up to 2 L.
  2. Silver Stirrer Motor

    The Orb Silver Stirrer Motor is equipped with a digital speed display, boasts a peak torque of 50Ncm, and can operate from 50 – 1500 RPM making it suitable for the majority of applications.
  3. Gold Stirrer Motor

    The Gold Stirrer Motor for Orb provides a powerful 80 Ncm torque capability, making it ideal for larger and more challenging applications. It also benefits from an RS232 communications port enabling automation from compatible systems such as the Syrris Reactor Master.
  4. Orb Oil Drain and Oil Pipes

    The Orb Oil Drain Unit enables rapid draining of the fluid from the reactor, significantly speeding up reactor changes and helping to avoid unwanted spills. High-performance insulated oil pipes are equipped with M16 x 1.0 connections which maximize efficiency of the system and ensure that accurate temperature control is maintained.
  5. Private: Chemisens CPA202 100 Bar Reactor

    The Chemisens CPA202 100 Bar Reactor is an alternative to standard 20 bar reactors, retaining the same measurement principle. With a steel jacket (instead of glass), it can be safely used to perform reactions that require high pressure (such as hydrogenations). High-pressure reactors are available either in SS316 or HC276 […]
  6. Private: Chemisens Reflux Condenser

    The Chemisens Reflux Condenser is used with the VRC Dosing and Sensors Controller. It is designed to operate under pressure up to 20 bar. It uses the Heat Balance principle to calculate cooling power delivered, with additional sensors which calculate the heat losses to the environment. The condenser is cooled […]
  7. Private: Chemisens Reflux Divider Kit

    The Chemisens Reflux Divider Kit is designed to be used in combination with the reflux condenser and the Chemisens reactors. The reflux divider is used to set the relation between reflux and distillation. The distillate outlet can be further heat exchanged in a separate final cooler. The Reflux Divider Kit […]
  8. Orb Pilot DN235 Frame Kit

    The Orb Pilot DN235 Frame Kit includes a DN235 flange clamp, sprung-loaded vessel platform, and combined castors/leveling feet for easy handling. Suitable for all Orb Pilot vessels up to 30 L and can also be easily upgraded to DN300 with optional DN300 Flange Clamp.
  9. Orb Pilot DN300 Frame Kit

    The Orb Pilot DN300 Frame Kit includes the DN300 Flange Clamp, sprung-loaded vessel platform, and combined castors/leveling feet for easy handling. Suitable for the 50 L Orb Pilot vessel.  Can also be easily upgraded to accommodate all other Orb Pilot vessel sizes (10 L to 30 L) with the optional […]
  10. Orb Pilot Vessel Kit

    The Orb Pilot Vessel Kit contains all the essential parts for your Orb Pilot system, including the Vessel, Detachable BOV (bottom outlet valve) and Clamp, Default Anchor Stirrer, PTFE Temperature Probe with Lemo Connector, Oil Jacket Connections, and matching Base Support Spring Cartridges.
  11. 60 Ncm Motor

    The 60 Ncm Motor for Orb Pilot is ideal for frequent and extended use with 10 L reactors but only where low viscosities are expected.
  12. 100 Ncm Motor

    The 100 Ncm Motor for Orb Pilot is the perfect partner for low viscosity processes up to 20 L.  This high-quality product is designed for daily use and offers optional remote control.