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  1. Asia Automator

    The Asia Automator enables automated flow chemistry experiments to be controlled by the Asia Manager PC Software (e.g. 230, 320, or 330 systems). Controlling the Asia Automator system from a PC: By connecting the Asia Automator and the Asia Syringe Pump to a PC via USB, it is possible to […]
  2. Asia Pressure Controller

    The Asia Pressure Controller is designed to easily set the back pressure of the system from 1 bar to 20 bar. By pressurizing the fluidic system, the Asia Pressure Controller enables reactors to be heated up to 150ºC over the atmospheric boiling point of solvents and therefore enable rates of […]
  3. Asia Product Collector

    The Asia Product Collector allows convenient collection of samples into a range of vessel sizes. The automated 3-way valve allows the solvent between samples (and/or reaction samples not at steady state) to be diverted to waste and the reaction to be collected. When controlled by the Asia Syringe Pump or […]
  4. Scale up group in Japan benefiting from Atlas Calorimeter

    Atlas Reaction Calorimeter improves the safety of manufacturing coal tar and basic and fine chemicals A Syrris Atlas Calorimeter is proving advantageous to the Kyushu works manufacturing technology department of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd. in Japan, aiding scale-up of new product processes. Mr. Kenji Umeda from the […]
  5. Atlas High Force Jacketed Vessel Clamp

    The High Force Jacketed Vessel Clamp is an alternative to the regular Jacketed Vessel Clamp. It is designed specifically for clamping regular Atlas jacketed reactors (not 3 bar rated) in high torque applications. Designed to make changing reactors both quick and easy, the High Force Vessel Clamp has a simple […]
  6. Private: ChemiSens Calorimeter helps Eurenco put safety first

    Explosives manufacturer Eurenco, based in Karlskoga, Sweden, relies on a ChemiSens Calorimeter to ensure the safety of its production processes. Helen Stenmark, R&D Manager for Explosives and Propellants, explained:
  7. Remote Mount for Atlas Jacketed Vessel Clamp

    The Remote Mount allows a vessel assembly (including Jacketed Vessel, Jacketed Vessel Clamp and Oil Drain Unit) to be located away from the Base Unit. The Remote Mount can attach to standard laboratory scaffolding and is connected to the Atlas system using an umbilical which provides communications to devices such […]
  8. Atlas High Torque Stirrer Adaptor (for Heidolph Stirrers)

    The High Torque Stirrer Adaptor (for Heidolph Stirrers), when used in conjunction with a Heidolph Stirrer offers a high torque (with torque feedback measurement) alternative to the Scorpion Overhead Stirrer. This adapter kit includes the following components: Support Rods – These locate into the top of the Jacketed Vessel Clamp […]
  9. Nanoparticle synthesis benefits from both batch and flow systems from Syrris

    Syrris system benefits on nanoparticle synthesis Innovative batch and flow reactors from leading manufacturer Syrris are proving advantageous for a variety of nanoparticle applications, offering scientists working in the field numerous benefits. Simple to assemble with no tools required, the easy-to-use reactors enable conditions such as temperature, time, mixing, reagent […]
  10. Precise control of reactions conditions for quantum dot synthesis in University of Cambridge

    Syrris Asia for precise control in quantum dot synthesis Researchers at EPSRC CDT in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NanoDTC) at the University of Cambridge have been using the Asia flow chemistry system to synthesize quantum dots. “The growth of quantum dots is susceptible to minute changes in reaction conditions, the unique […]
  11. Pressure Sensor and Nodes (Atlas 3 Bar Pressure System)

    Sensor for sensing pressure in the reactor and node to couple to Atlas base. Pressure Sensor for Atlas 3 Bar System The Pressure Sensor for 3 Bar System connects to the Pressure Node for 3 Bar System to allow the Atlas Base or Reactor Master to display pressure in real […]
  12. Reproducible scaling of Gold nanoparticles in Brazil

    Researchers at a University in Brazil have been using the Orb Jacketed Reactor system to scale up their gold nanoparticle synthesis.  Prof. Ricardo Aucélio from Pontificia Universidade Católica research looks at specialist nanoparticles for use in analytical tools.  They purchased the Orb jacketed reactor system in an attempt to overcome […]