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  1. 200 Ncm Motor

    The 200 Ncm Motor for Orb Pilot is a great all-purpose motor which is suitable for all but the most demanding applications. Its powerful motor operates comfortably up to the maximum system speed and down to 50rpm when needed. Optional remote control available.
  2. 400 Ncm Motor

    The 400 Ncm Motor for Orb Pilot is the most powerful of the standard range of motors available for Orb Pilot. Designed to run continuously up to its maximum rating, this motor is suitable for material up to 10,000 cP. Optional remote control available.
  3. DN235 Glass Lid

    The Orb Pilot DN235 Lid matches all Orb Pilot vessels up to 30 L.  The Lid features central stirrer port, 2 baffle ports, DN60 condenser port, DN60 filling port, 2 x B19 probe ports, and 1 x B34 port.
  4. DN300 Glass Lid

    The Orb Pilot DN300 Lid matches the Orb Pilot 50 L vessel. The Lid features central stirrer port, 2 baffle ports, DN60 condenser port, DN60 filling port, 2 x B19 probe ports, and 1 x B34 port.
  5. Low Shear Baffle Set

    The Low Shear Baffles for Orb Pilot have a round profile to limit any impact on sensitive products while at the same time disrupting the central vortex and promoting improved mixing.
  6. High Shear Baffle Set

    The High Shear Baffles for Orb Pilot have a unique, concave 3-sided profile which promotes turbulent mixing and vastly improves stirring performance.
  7. Accessory Tower

    The Orb Pilot Accessory Tower is a versatile framework which couples directly to the Orb Pilot frame with link plates. Common uses include distillation collection, vessel mounting, pumps and feed vessels, gravimetric dosing systems, work-ups, and separations.
  8. Oil Drain Manifold Kit

    The Orb Pilot Oil Drain Kit is a highly recommended accessory. Its key function is to enable the simple and safe draining of the circulator fluid – it also has a secondary function of limiting strain on the glassware from the heavy insulated oil hoses. The kit includes 2 short […]
  9. Circulator Hoses

    Orb Pilot Circulator Hoses provides a high degree of insulation, helping to maximize the performance of your circulator and reactor. Safety is also improved with secure couplings and reduced risk of contact burns. These 3.0 M hoses are equipped with M30 x 1.5 thread couplings.
  10. Hydrofoil Stirrer

    The 316 Stainless Steel Hydrofoil Stirrer for Orb Pilot has double level down-flow impellors. The hydrofoil design has a similar mixing action to the PTFE PBT Stirrer but has improved efficiency and a lower torque requirement. This design of impellor is also very common in large-scale plant so the transition […]
  11. PTFE PBT Stirrer

    The PTFE Pitch Blade Turbine Impeller for Orb Pilot is a 45O-angle, 4-blade design, improving downdraft flow. An additional adjustable height impellor can be added to the shaft if required.
  12. Atlas HD Reaction Calorimeter

    An easy-to-use, high-performance calorimetry system. Using either Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC), it can generate power and enthalpy graphs quickly and easily.