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  1. Circulator and Fluid

    Circulator options from industry-leading manufacturer, Huber. A range of circulator accessories and oils for whatever your application are available.
  2. pH Probe and Node

    Accurate measurement and monitoring of pH. Control pH in combination with the Atlas Syringe Pump. These pH Probes connect to the pH and Temperature Node. The swivel adapter allows its angle to be adjusted within a jacketed reactor. These combination probes have an AgCl reference, a temperature range of 0°C […]
  3. Turbidity Probe and Node

    Accurate measurement and monitoring of turbidity in partnership with the Atlas HD base. Turbidity Probe The Turbidity Probe can be used as a simple crystallization point detector, or in more complex studies involving meta stable crystallization zones, secondary nucleation and polymorphism issues. It requires a Turbidity Node and has a two […]
  4. Atlas HD Potassium

    The Atlas HD Potassium is the base reactor system on which all Atlas HD systems are built, and can be configured/extended for crystallization, calorimetry, and high-pressure experiments. This system applies to all Atlas HD systems, including: Atlas HD Potassium Atlas HD Calorimeter Atlas HD Crystallization
  5. Atlas Calorimetry Upgrade Kit

    The Atlas HD Calorimetry Upgrade Kit includes all the necessary parts to upgrade the Atlas HD Potassium base system to a powerful reaction calorimeter. There are two versions of the kit; one for PCC use only and one for complete HFC/PCC. Major parts in his bundle include heater rods, RS232 […]
  6. Atlas Cryo Reactor Unit

    Atlas Cryo Low Temperature system for use with round bottom flasks.  
  7. Atlas Cryo Adapters

    Adapters for use with Atlas Classic base.
  8. Magnetic Stirrer for Atlas Classic

    Magnetic vessel stirrer for round bottom flasks. The Magnetic Stirrer connects directly to the Base Unit using a bayonet fitting. The stirrer is automatically detected by the Base Unit and stirring can be controlled directly from the front panel with either set-points or profiles. In use, the current stirring rate […]
  9. Pressure Sensor and Nodes (Atlas 200 Bar Pressure System)

    Sensor for sensing pressure in the reactor and node to couple to Atlas base. Pressure Sensor for 200 Bar System The Pressure Sensor for 200 Bar System connects to the Pressure Node for 200 Bar System to allow the Atlas Base or Reactor Master to display pressure in real time […]
  10. Stirrer Seal and Guide (Atlas 3 bar System)

    The Stirrer Seal and Guide is rated to 3 bar and is designed for use with the Atlas 3 Bar Jacketed Vessel Lid. The material exposed to the reactor is PTFE for maximum chemical resistance. The top of the Stirrer Seal and Guide fits the Scorpion Stirrer (or other stirrers […]
  11. Atlas Jacketed Vessel Clamp (3 Bar System)

    The Jacketed Vessel Clamp for the 3 bar system is designed to accept any of the Syrris Jacketed Vessel (rated to 3 bar) and the Jacketed Vessel Lid (rated to 3 bar). It allows changing of vessels in under 1 minute and clamps the lid and vessel by a torque […]
  12. Jacketed Vessels (rated to 3 bar)

    There is a range of jacketed reactor vessels that are rated to 3 bar and are designed for use with the 3 Bar Atlas Jacketed Vessel Clamp and Atlas SS 3 Bar Jacketed Vessel Lid and Safety Manifold. Jacketed and vacuum jacketed round-bottomed vessels are available.