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  1. Atlas COM Port Software

    Provides the same functionality as Atlas PC Software 1, with the exception that it uses RS232 connection directly to the PC rather than via an Atlas Port. The Atlas COM Port Software 1 is recommended for applications where more than 3 RS232 devices are to be connected to one PC. […]
  2. Atlas Syringe Pump

    A perfect addition to your lab, the Atlas Syringe Pump and Atlas XL Syringe Pump can be used as standalone syringe pumps with your existing batch reactors or controlled by the Atlas HD automated reactor or the Atlas PC Software 1. Offering a small footprint, Atlas Syringe Pumps are lightweight enough […]
  3. Peristaltic Pump and Balance for Gravimetric Dosing

    The Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump 323/DU/D can be connected to an Atlas system to provide pumping of a wide range of liquids into any type of vessel. The pump can provide pumping rates from rates from 1 mL/min up to 2 L/min depending on the tubing used. An extension module […]
  4. Prosonix Sonolab SL10 Sonocrystallizer (230V/110V)

    The Prosonix Sonolab is a high-performance ultrasound module allowing full control of crystallization processes, for use with the Atlas HD Crystallization system. Using proprietary ultrasound technology, the Sonolab allows control of particle size, shape, crystallinity and polymorphism in a completely automated and easy to use platform. Sonocrystallization also offers reproducibility […]
  5. Sonocrystallizer Accessories Pack

    The Sonocrystallizer Accessories Pack contains a peristaltic pump, tubing, connectors, and valves for recycling the reactor contents through the Sonolab flow cell. The pack also contains ear defenders for convenience and stand to hold the Sonolab flow cell close to the Atlas HD Crystallization reactor.
  6. Orb Pilot

    Orb Pilot is a pilot-scale, modular jacketed reactor for scaling up of batch processes and offers multiple setups in one footprint.
  7. Automation Solutions

    Syrris Automation tools are design to provide ultimate flexibility while empowering you to design experiments that could never be achieved manually
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  11. Asia system helps to accelerate spirocyclic polyketide synthesis in University of Cambridge

    Syrris Asia system accelerates spirocyclic polyketide synthesis The modular Asia flow chemistry system from Syrris proved key to the success of a recently described process for accelerated total synthesis of spirodienal A and spirangien A methyl ester. Developed by the Ley Group at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, […]
  12. Flow chemistry

    A chemical reaction using flow chemistry is sometimes referred to as “plug flow” or “continuous flow chemistry”. Here you'll find a detailed explanation of what flow chemistry is and the major advantages it offers.