Solid phase chemistry in flow

Syrris flow chemistry systems are designed to enable the use of solid phase reagents, catalysts or scavengers to enable solid phase chemistry to be performed in flow chemistry systems, such as Asia.

Glass columns from 0.7 mL to 12 mL can be packed with virtually any solid phase and heated or cooled using such modules as the Asia Heater.

Compounds in solution can be pumped through the packed columns, which can be pressurized up to 300psi.

The synthesis the Alkaloid Natural Product Oxomaritidine using solid phase chemistry on the Syrris Asia System is described in Chem. Commun., 2006, 2566-2568.

Performing Solid Phase Chemistry in Flow Chemistry Systems

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A photograph of the Syrris Asia Column Heater
The Asia Heater Module has adaptors that can be changed in seconds to heat a range of different reactors. Temperature range from room temperature to 250°C.

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