The Asia Automated Reagent Injector allows automated aspiration and loading of multiple reagents into injection loops under inert conditions; and subsequent pressurization prior to injection. Removable racks for a range of vial sizes and pre-pressurization to avoid pressure drops within the reactions (up to 20 bar) enable ultimate flexibility.

Designed specifically for flow chemistry, the Asia Automated Reagent Injector offers the ultimate in compact, high performance, fully automated sample injection for flow chemistry processes. The reagent injector enables handling of reagents under fully inert conditions and pre-pressurized sample injection allows both very low volumes and difficult to handle materials to be used.

The module features a range of removable racks to be configured on each of the two channels and washing of the needle between experiments.

Asia Manager PC Software fully automates a range of key applications including reagent screening, reaction optimization, and complex library synthesis.

Asia Automated Reagent Injector for Syrris Asia Flow Chemistry systems

Asia Automated Reagent Injector specifications:

      • Dual channels: Two independent syringes enable two samples to be injected simultaneously
      • Co-axial needles: Aspirate and dispense under inert conditions
      • Removable vial racks: Vial racks for 2 mL, 8 mL and 40 mL vials give maximum flexibility
      • Easy automation: Can connect to the Asia Manager PC Software along with the other Asia modules to enable sophisticated automation
      • Loops volumes: 0.1 mL, 1 mL, 5 mL, and 10 mL
      • Operating pressure: Pre-pressurization of sample loops (0-20 bar)
      • Wetted materials: PTFE, PCTFE and Stainless Steel (Needle)
      • Outer materials: Aluminium, stainless steel sprayed white with highly chemically resistant epoxy paint
      • Dimensions: H 500 mm x W 160 mm x D 300 mm
      • Voltage input: 100V to 240V AC