Atlas Oil Drain Unit, Oil Pipe Tidy, and Oil Pipes

Part of the Atlas HD range

The perfect accessory for those wishing to change vessels with as little fuss and mess as possible.

Atlas HD Oil Drain Unit

The Oil Drain Unit provides the ability to drain oil from a Jacketed Reactor Vessel back into a recirculator without exposure to the oil. It is connected to a recirculator using Oil Pipes with two M16 fittings and to a reaction vessel with Oil Pipes using quick release fittings.

Atlas HD Oil Pipes

Atlas Oil Pipes are insulated hoses and have M16 connections at each end. They are designed to fit between a circulator and the Oil Drain Unit. Atlas Oil Pipes are 2 m in length.

Atlas HD Oil Pipe Tidy

The Oil Pipe Tidy fits on the Jacketed Vessel Clamp and is used to seal the spare end of the Oil Pipes from Reactor to Oil Drain Unit when changing reactor, tidying them to an elevated position. This avoids residual oil in the pipes dripping onto the fume cupboard floor and acts as a safety feature should the circulator be switched on accidentally. There is also a location to store the Scorpion Overhead Stirrer when not in use.


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