Thanks to our incredible staff, loyal distributors, and new and existing customers, Syrris has enjoyed another year of amazing success with continued growth and record sales.

As 2018 draws to a close, we’ve taken a look back at what we’ve been up to, including webinars, Syrris Roadshows, workshops, blogs… and discovering our love for (Instagram) Boomerangs?! We finished the year by making mulled wine in a (brand new!) Orb Jacketed Reactor!

Read on to discover more…

2018’s key highlights for Syrris

Our chemistry systems

The two Syrris product lines that showed the most growth in 2018 were the Asia Flow Chemistry System and the Orb Pilot pilot-scale jacketed reactor system. It is fantastic to see that more and more researchers are getting into continuous flow. If you are working in flow – or interested in learning how it could benefit your lab – then contact us as our applications team are here to help.

The Orb Pilot system was introduced to allow the capability of 10L, 20L,30L, and 50L and it has been fantastically received thanks to its modular design and its ability to provide the flexibility of a custom system without the inflated costs of one.


2018 saw us continue our mission of trying to educate experienced chemists and students alike about continuous flow chemistry. This year saw us host multiple flow chemistry webinars, launch the Syrris chemistry blog, and create The Flow Chemistry Collection – a regularly-updated round-up of the best content on flow chemistry, including blog posts and commentary from thought-leaders on a number of flow chemistry topics. This will continue next year and will be expanded into “Flow Chemistry Masterclasses” – discrete multi-part educational pieces covering specific flow chemistry topics in detail. Subscribe to the Syrris chemistry blog to stay updated!

The Syrris chemistry blog has been such a great success that it’s now included in Feedspot’s Top 10 Chemistry Blogs listOur most popular blog posts include;


In December 2018 we also hosted the “Introduction to Reaction Calorimetry” webinar, the first in a series of reaction calorimetry webinars that will continue into 2019.

Chemistry conferences, Syrris Roadshows, and Flow Chemistry and Reaction Calorimetry Workshops

Chemistry conferences

In 2018 we traveled the world attending more events than ever. Our big highlight was ACHEMA, where we exhibited in the new-for-2018 Flow Chemistry Pavilion with a brand new stand. Syrris’ batch, flow, and reaction calorimetry systems saw hundreds of chemists, students, and business leaders speaking to the Syrris team and oooh-ing and aah-ing at our chemistry reactors. We even had people taking selfies with Orb Pilot! ACHEMA was also the place where we discovered our love for (Instagram) Boomerangs…

Syrris Roadshows and Flow Chemistry and Reaction Calorimetry Workshops

Syrris Roadshows

Miles traveled

The Syrris Roadshows have gone from strength to strength and we even did a roadshow in Australia. Our truck spent a lot of time traveling through Europe and we had a great time meeting all our customers and discussing their applications in more detail.

We also hosted Flow Chemistry Workshops and Reaction Calorimetry Workshops in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, and North America.

In total, we drove 15,000 miles in 18 weeks and hosted 36 events! Some of it wouldn’t have been possible without the help from our European distributors and the team at John Morris Group in Australia who all did a fantastic job of organizing venues, attendees, and the (very complex) logistics of the Roadshows!

Watch out for next year when the roadshow hits the United States and contact us if you’d like us to come to you on the next Roadshow!

Syrris products have starred in over 40 publications in 2018

Syrris products are enabling chemists around the world to improve existing chemistry – and discover new chemical spaces – and have been used in over 40 publications in 2018 alone. One paper that really stands out is Oliver Kappe’s continuous flow reaction calorimetry study using the Asia Flow Chemistry System and the Chemisens Calorimeter, which could be pivotal for safe continuous manufacturing.

See the full list of publications using the Asia Flow Chemistry System here.

Another year of custom parts and excellent support

We understand all labs are unique, so one of the reasons customers choose Syrris is our ability to design, prototype, and manufacture custom parts. 2018 saw our Custom Parts Team complete a whopping 174 custom part projects! Some of our favorites included;

      • An automated bottom outlet valve (BOV) for one of our glass jacketed reactors
      • A stainless steel 3 bar jacketed reactor with a torispherical bottom
      • A stainless steel helical stirrer for a 50 L Orb Pilot scale-up jacketed reactor (and the feasibility study for stirring nylon beads that preceded it). This one was so cool we’ve used it as the example on our Custom Parts page
      • A magnetic drive coupling for Atlas HD, including a custom lid
      • An air drive motor and mount for a 10 L Orb Pilot system


2018 has been a great year for the Syrris Support Team with the Team closing a record number of support tickets and traveling the world for customer installs, including a huge Asia Flow Chemistry System in Ireland and a massive Orb and Orb Pilot pilot-scale jacketed reactor system in Belgium.

And how did we end the year?

We finished the year in style with a work Christmas party hosted at Syrris/Blacktrace HQ (Royston, UK) where we made mulled wine in a (brand new) Orb Jacketed Reactor! With help from a Huber circulator, we kept it at the perfect temperature throughout the event!

Syrris: Making more mulled wine possible!

Finally, a big thank you from us all at Syrris!

We’d like to take this as an opportunity to thank our staff, distributors, and new and returning customers for helping Syrris achieve so much and enjoy another year of impressive growth. For those we haven’t worked with yet: we hope we can help you perform your best chemistry yet, in 2019!

We hope your 2018 has been successful and we wish you all the best for 2019! If you think Syrris could help you perform your best chemistry in 2019, contact us today!

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