The Asia Sampler and Dilutor from Syrris is the ideal tool for chemists wishing to perform on-line chromatographic analysis of flow chemistry reactions. The module enables real-time sampling of the reaction flow, dilution to a user-defined ratio, and automatic injection into virtually any chromatography system. It can be used as a standalone module or integrated into an automated Asia flow chemistry system under the control of Asia Manager PC software.

The Asia Sampler and Dilutor offers excellent chemical compatibility at operating pressures of 0 to 20 bar, enabling a broad range of applications to be accommodated. Extraction and dilution of a 5 µL sample aliquot – or multiple aliquots – from the reaction flow stream is fully automated, allowing experiments to continue uninterrupted during the sampling process.

Samples can be diluted by a factor of between 5 and 250 before automatic injection into an analytical instrument such as an LCMS, GCMS, or UPLC system – with simultaneous initiation of the chromatographic run – enabling on­line analysis of flow chemistry reactions to be simply and easily achieved. It is particularly beneficial when performing flow chemistry optimization experiments, enabling straightforward, real-time sampling and analysis to be performed at the mid-point of each set of reaction conditions. The module is also highly advantageous for continuous production processes, simplifying the regular sampling and analysis required to meet the stringent demands of quality control and assurance protocols.

For more information, visit the Asia Sampler and Dilutor module page, the Asia flow chemistry product page, or contact us to speak to a Syrris chemist to discuss how the Sampler and Dilutor module or flow chemistry, in general, could benefit your lab’s chemistry.

Asia post-synthesis modules for flow chemistry
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