Asia Tube Cooler for Syrris Asia flow chemistry systemsThe Asia Tube Cooler enables a range of fluoropolymer and stainless steel Asia Tube Reactors to be cooled to as low as -68°C. The module can either be used in standalone mode or can plug into an Asia Heater to have the reaction temperature monitored and displayed.

When also connected to the Asia PC Manager Software, the temperature can be logged and graphically displayed. By using double glazing insulation and a nitrogen purge, reactions remain visible in fluoropolymer tube reactors at all temperatures.

      • Reactor temperature: Ambient down to -68°C (dependent upon cooling medium)
      • Visible reactions: Reactions in Fluoropolymer tube reactors remain visible at all temperatures
      • Easy to use: Removable & easy to fill container for cooling medium
      • Cooling medium: Dry ice and acetone (for example) required
      • No electric power required
      • Wetted materials: Chemically resistant cooling medium tub, suitable for most common cooling media such as dry ice and acetone
      • Outer materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, glass, and polyurethane sprayed white with highly chemically resistant epoxy paint
      • Dimensions: H 220 mm x W 220 mm x D 220 mm
      • Refilling: Can run for up to 4 hours before cooling medium requires refill
      • Maximum pressure of the gas input: 0.2 bar

Compatible Tube Reactors

The Asia Tube Cooler allows sub-ambient reactions to be performed using the following Asia Tube Reactors:

      • 2200543 Asia stainless steel 4 mL tube reactor
      • 2200544 Asia stainless steel 16 mL tube reactor
      • 2200659 Asia Hastelloy 4 mL tube reactor
      • 2200658 Asia Hastelloy 16 mL tube reactor
      • 2200541 Asia Fluoropolymer tube reactor*
      • 2200542 Asia Fluoropolymer tube reactor*

*Inputs are not pre-cooled.