Syrris, the world’s longest established provider of laboratory scale flow chemistry systems, has developed the fast, flexible, and accurate Asia Heater to give its customers access to the many advantages of high-temperature flow synthesis. The Asia flow chemistry systems has been designed by chemists, for chemists, combining the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use with proprietary technology to allow automation of experiments with or without a PC. The Asia Heater is designed to take advantage of the system’s exceptional chemical resistance, permitting an extensive range of temperatures, pressures and reaction times to be exploited for experiments on mg to kg scales.

The Asia Heater’s novel design can accommodate a wide range of flow reactor sizes, types, and materials – such as glass, metal, and fluoropolymer – using quick clip on/off adaptors. It allows reactions using heterogeneous catalysts or solid supported reagents and scavengers to be heated to 150 °C, with tube reactors and microreactors able operate at temperatures as high as 250 °C. High power heaters and active air cooling provide rapid transfer of heat into and out of reactors for excellent temperature control, improving the yield and consistency of exothermic or endothermic reactions. For even greater efficiency, the Asia Heater can be used in conjunction with an Asia Pressure Controller, enabling solvents to be superheated within a pressurized system and allowing processes to be performed thousands of times faster than at atmospheric pressure for more efficient, cleaner reactions.

Asia Synthesis Modules and Flow Reactors
Asia is an award winning range of modular, chemically resistant flow chemistry products from Syrris. This video shows some of the synthesis modules and flow reactors of the Asia system
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