Flow chemistry reactors

Syrris’s range of flow chemistry systems enable chemists at lab scale, pilot scale, and production scale to enjoy the benefits continuous flow offers.

The R&D100 Award-winning Asia Flow Chemistry System is enabling chemists in all industries to access new chemical spaces and perform faster and more reproducible chemistry. Asia is powered by the ultra-smooth Asia Syringe Pump and is trusted by chemists in the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and leading academic groups.

Titan is the world’s first modular pilot-to-production scale flow chemistry system and offers complete system flexibility. Ultra-smooth flow from 1 to 250 mL/min is provided by the Titan Syringe Pump.

Perfect for research groups, university labs, or industry chemists looking to enter the world of continuous flow, the Educational Flow Chemistry range offers an affordable and easy introduction to performing flow chemistry reactions for a wide range of applications.