Syrris Atlas PC Software 1Atlas Software 1 is an easy-to-use PC based application for control and analysis of experiments. Whole systems including stirrers, circulators, RTDs, pumps, balances etc. can be configured using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus. The “drag and drop” interface means recipes can be created, changed and saved with a click of a mouse.

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      • Easy to use: Drag and drop icons allow recipes to be created, edited and run intuitively
      • Empowering: Virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus can be configured into a system using the software
      • Powerful: Apparatus such as pumps and balances can be combined in an intelligent fashion e.g. enabling gravimetric dosing or dosing to maintain a pH
      • Intuitive: Apparatus is connected to the PC via Atlas Ports. Each device is assigned a number which is shown on the Port’s LCD display
      • Automatic data logging: All responses such as temperature, stirrer speed, pH, mass flow etc. can be graphically displayed in real time and are continually saved to one .csv file
      • Safe: Warning alarms and emergency cut-off values or actions can be defined
      • Repeatable: Previously run recipes can be saved and re-run
      • Flexible: Experiments can be modified “on the fly”


Although the Atlas Base Unit can control reaction profiles and log data, Atlas Software 1 provides whole system control, configuration, and analysis. The intuitive PC-based application enables multiple systems such as stirrers, circulators, pumps, and balances to be intelligently combined using virtually any manufacturers apparatus.

The full list of Atlas software products includes:


The Atlas Software not only controls the Atlas hardware but nearly all RS232 controlled apparatus and analog sensors can be connected to the software via a simple Port which plugs into the computer’s USB connection. This allows automation of any compatible laboratory apparatus with full recipe control.

Running reactions from the Atlas Software 1 allows all responses such as temperature, stirrer speed, pH and mass flow to be continuously monitored and graphically displayed in real time. Apparatus is configured using a simple “drag and drop” interface and recipes can be created, changed and saved with the click of a mouse. Running reactions from the Atlas Software 1 allows responses to be continuously monitored and graphed with easy to use alarms and emergency control. Experiments can be modified “on-the-fly” and all reaction data is continuously logged to .csv data files making analysis easy. Virtually any RS232-enabled device with ASCII communications can be configured, The current list of pre-configured devices is below:

      • Balances
        • Denver Pinnacle and Summit Series
        • Mettler PG 5001 and PM series
        • Oxford Top Pan
        • Sartorius CP and LP Series
        • Kern PLS 2100-2
        • Ohaus Ranger Count
        • A&D FX-iEP Series
        • Precisa XB
      • Circulators
        • Huber Ministat
        • Nuevo
        • Unistat, etc.
        • Thermo Haake Phoenix II and DC50
        • Julabo F series
        • Lauda Proline series
        • Eyela PCC-7000
      • Pumps
        • Atlas Syringe Pump
        • Diaphragm: ProMinent gamma/I*
        • Peristaltic: Cole Parmer Masterflex, IKA, Watson Marlow 323Du & 520Du, Syrris FRX pump
        • Piston: Scilog Chemtec
        • Rotary/Piston: Ismatec MCP-CPF
      • Overhead Stirrers
        • IKA Eurostar
        • CAT R80D-PC
        • Heidolph
        • RZR Control
        • OptiChem Tempstir
      • FTIR
        • Bruker Matrix MF
      • Refractometers
        • K-Patents PR-23
      • Pressure sensors
        • Mensor series 6000 digital
      • Flow Meters and Controllers
        • Meters: Aalborg GFM series*, Sierra
          820 series*,
        • Controllers: Aalborg DFM, Cole Parmer
          16 series, Ritter EDP 32 FP, Buchi BPC
      • pH meters
        • Atlas pH and Temperature
        • NodeDenver 215E and 215
        • Knick Portamess 913
        • Mettler Toledo MPH
        • 125 pH and SevenEasy pH meter
      • Turbidity
        • Atlas Turbidity Probe
        • Mettler Toledo Trb8300*
      • Vacuum Controller
        • Vacuubrand CVC2000 & CVC3000
      • Temperature sensors
        • Cole Parmer Digisense
        • J-Kem Temperature monitor
        • Syrris 7033 Dual channel RTD box
      • Sonocrystallization
        • Prosonix Sonolab SL10
      • Power supply
        • TTIEL302P
      • Powder doser
        • Lamda


*With RS232 to analogue converter

This software can be used with all Atlas automated chemistry systems, including: