Atlas Parallel Software

Part of the Atlas HD range

The Atlas Parallel Software 1 allows many systems (up to 4) to be connected to one PC and controlled in parallel.

Atlas Parallel Software 1 opens multiple instances of Atlas Software 1 and defines the system to which each piece of apparatus is assigned (such as Atlas Base Units or other manufacturer’s apparatus connected by an Atlas Port). Data from all systems can be viewed in the Run View of any instance of Atlas Software 1 and all can be saved to one common .csv file.

  • Full parallel control: Complete independent control of up to 8 Atlas systems is possible from one PC with the ability to control similar or totally different systems simultaneously
  • Empowering: Control of all reaction parameters such as temperature, stirrer speed, pH, dosing, heat flow, turbidity, etc.
  • Flexible: The Atlas Parallel Software will control all available Atlas Systems (see ‘more info’ tab for the current list of systems)
  • Easy to use: The software enables apparatus and systems to be easily defined. Drag and drop interface allows recipes to be set up and run within a few clicks
  • Powerful: Multiple system control is ideal for process optimization
  • Control of manufacturer’s apparatus: The intelligent software not only controls all Atlas hardware but will also control all RS232 devices including pumps, balances, circulators, sensors, FTIR probes, FBRM probes, etc.
  • Safe: Responses from sensors can be constantly monitored and graphed with easy to use alarms and emergency control
  • Easy to control and data-logging: Experiments can be modified “on the fly”. All process data can be graphed in real time and is logged to one .csv data file making analysis easy


The Atlas Parallel Software will control up to four eight of the following systems:

  • Atlas Lithium
  • Atlas Sodium
  • Atlas Potassium
  • Atlas Volumetric Dosing
  • Atlas Gravimetric Dosing
  • Atlas Turbidity
  • Atlas pH Monitoring and Control
  • Atlas Remote Mount
  • Atlas Reaction Monitoring
  • Atlas Calorimeter
  • Atlas Sodium Pressure
  • Atlas Potassium Pressure
  • Atlas SonoLab
  • Atlas FT-IR


Atlas Parallel Software is one part of the Atlas Software range of intuitive easy to use and powerful software products.

The full list of Atlas software products includes:

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