The team at Syrris is made up of many different types of people. We employ specialists in their field, from chemical engineers and chemists to software engineers and marketing executives. Despite the variety, we all have one thing in common: the desire to revolutionize chemistry technology and to help our users to create awesome chemistry.

A Syrris company meeting in full swing
A photograph of Syrris/Blacktrace employees after the 15 year walk for charity
Syrris employees during a company lunch
Syrris employees hard at work in the Royston office

Senior Management Team

Mike Hawes
Mike Hawes, CEO
Stuart Simcock
Chief of Staff
Stuart Simcock, Chief of Staff
Dr. Omar Jina
Director of Chemistry Automation Products
Dr. Omar Jina, Director of Chemistry Automation Products


Andrew Mansfield
Product Manager, Flow Chemistry
Andrew Mansfield - Syrris Flow Chemistry Product Manager
Leandro Nogueira
Regional Director Europe & Latin America
Leandro Nogueira, Regional Sales Director
Simon Gibson
Production Manager, Royston
Simon Gibson, Production Manager
Rob Ranford
Head of Custom Products
Rob Ranford, Head of Custom Products
Phil Podmore
Head of Support
Phil Podmore, Head of Support
Leah Granville
Marketing Manager
Leah Granville, Marketing Manager
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