Atlas Hot and Cold Plate

Part of the Atlas HD range

The Atlas Hot and Cold Plate is an easy and accurate way of heating and cooling reactions in flasks or vials. Designed to fit on the Atlas Base, the Hot and Cold Plate connects to a recirculating heater/cooler to provide temperature control from -40°C to +160°C. When a controllable circulator is connected to the Atlas Base, the Hot and Cold Plate or reaction can be accurately controlled to the temperature set on the Atlas Base.

  • Easy to use: The Atlas Hot and Cold Plate is connected to the Atlas Base using a bayonet fitting and is interchangeable with the standard Atlas Hot Plate
  • Compatible with a range of accessories: The Atlas Hot and Cold plate has a standard diameter of 13.5 cm (5/16″). This is compatible with the Atlas Stacking Dry Bath, Triple Dry Bath, Vial Baths, Orbit Parallel Reaction Station and virtually all other products designed to fit on hotplates
  • Integrated stirring: The Atlas Magnetic Stirrer module screws directly into the Atlas Hot and Cold Plate to provide high-quality magnetic stirring
  • Accurate temperature control: The Atlas Hot and Cold Plate has an embedded RTD allowing feedback of plate temperature. Alternatively, a PTFE coated RTD can be inserted in the reaction and that temperature controlled
  • Easy connection: The Atlas Hot and Cold Plate can be used with either standard M16 fittings or Atlas Quick Circulator Connectors which require no tools for a leak free rapid connection
  • Icing issues minimized: An integrated drip tray collects condensation and melting ice. A cover is also available to minimize ice build-up
  • Chemically resistant: The anodized aluminum plate provides a “wipe clean” surface
  • Wide temperature range: Fully tested between -40°C and 160°C
  • Temperatures logged: The temperature of the Atlas Hot and Cold plate is fully logged (as with all data on an Atlas System) and can be downloaded to a USB stick for offline analysis

Circulators that can be controlled by the Atlas Base

The Atlas Base Unit can be used to directly control the following circulators (note that other types of circulator can be controlled using the Atlas Software or used without feedback control);

  • Huber Unistat 340
  • Huber Ministat CC230
  • Huber Tango Nuevo
  • Julabo (All modern Julabo circulators can be controlled from the Atlas front panel)


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