At Syrris we pride ourselves on offering innovative, intelligent and high-quality chemistry products along with excellent post-sales support and service.  Atlas is our flagship product; see what our customers have to say about it.

  • Atlas helps Midatech produce nanomedicines in small-scale production

    Midatech is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on translating its proprietary gold nanoparticle drug delivery platform into effective nanomedicines targeting currently unmet medical needs.

    Midatech’s chemists begin by producing functionalized gold nanoparticles on a bench scale, then move to larger scale manufacturing processes, where it makes sense to use a reactor system.

    Our Atlas Potassium reactors, with pH control and an Atlas Syringe Pump XL, have allowed us to scale­up production, enabling variables such as pH and temperature to be tightly controlled.”

    Justin Barry (CEO, Midatech, Spain)

    Justin Barry, CEO of Midatech, said of Atlas: “The Atlas Potassium was the only logical way to move from manufacturing nanoparticles on a laboratory scale to a mini production environment. It is a reliable and reproducible reactor system that is well assembled, compact and portable, and performs exactly as we were told it would.

    “Atlas Potassium is also very flexible, accommodating volumes ranging from 50 mL to 5 L, and its operating software works well, enabling a series of validation runs to be performed quickly and easily. The Atlas reactors were easy to implement in the laboratory, and it took just six to eight months to establish a validated process. We are very happy with them.”

  • Atlas Calorimeter helps IFF to validate new approaches every day

    Since purchasing Atlas Calorimeter, Onofre Casanova (Chemical Process Engineer for International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.) and his team have been using it every day to validate new approaches, test new reactions and check whether particular catalysts or components are active. Atlas Calorimeter enables IFF chemists to try small-scale reactions before moving to a large-scale pilot plant.

    Before we had the Atlas system we used conventional labware and oil baths, which required close monitoring. With the Atlas, we can leave experiments running all night and get a good result the next day, freeing up time to do other tasks. The system is easy to use and reliable – we know that when we move from the Atlas system to the large-scale plant we will get very similar results – and the software is just beautiful.”

    “Syrris also worked with us to develop customized stirrers and baffles specifically for our work, and we were able to get what we needed in a reasonable time and for a reasonable price. Our Atlas system has been so successful that we plan to purchase another one in the near future.”

    Onofre Casanova (Chemical Process Engineer, IFF, Benicarlo, Spain)

  • Atlas Calorimeter helps Zirkon Industria scale-up production quickly and safely

    Zirkon Industria works with zirconium compounds – ink additives for the packing industry – and also perform drug discovery studies. They use a range of vessels from 100 mL to 2 L with their Atlas Calorimeter which, has been tailored to scale-up experiments and studies in support of their work.

    “The results obtained are fundamental to performing the technological transfer of the procedures to the production plant.  The systems are well designed and the software is very functional, efficient and easy to use, with a robust communication protocol…”

    Valter Russo (Director of R&D, Zirkon Industria e Comercio Ltda, Brazil)

    Zirkon Industria evaluated equivalent systems from a number of manufacturers prior to purchasing the Atlas Calorimeter and opted for Syrris after we arranged a demonstration in their laboratory and explained its technological capabilities.  Seeing the product up close and in use was really important to the chemists as it allowed them to see and test the product before buying.

    “The systems are well designed and the software is very functional, efficient and easy to use, with a robust communication protocol. The user-friendly operation allows us to train staff rapidly. The performance and reliability is really good, and we are now considering purchasing an Asia flow system to complement our existing Syrris equipment.”

    Valter Russo (Director of R&D, Zirkon Industria e Comercio Ltda, Brazil)

“Syrris’s Atlas reactor has been invaluable to us at Ceram, giving us the precise control necessary for our research into inorganic biomaterials. Synthetic programs can be easily set up, and different parameters can be monitored very closely.  The interchangeable features of the Atlas also allow us to change the scale of processes easily.”

Matthew Cantelo (Laboratory Chemist, Ceram, UK)


“Since investing in the Atlas from Syrris, we have been delighted at the rapid uptake by our chemists and the high demand that they have placed for available systems. We are also very impressed with the speed and quality of the service and support.”

Dr. Phil Peach (Process CRD, Pfizer, UK)


“We have found Atlas to be extremely versatile and the ability to re-configure the system as projects demand change is very powerful.  Applications such as turbidity, pH control, distillation, and calorimetry have been made easy with Atlas. We have been very impressed with the Atlas software and find the ability to seamlessly integrate and control 3rd party equipment to be particularly important when designing experiments.”

Ben Brockbank (Process Development – Syngenta Ltd, UK)