The Atlas HD Base recently received a major firmware update to reaction automation. Through consultations with our customers, we implemented a number of new features which unlock access to powerful synthetic techniques (such as automated pH control) and improve recipe visualization.

Upgrading the Atlas HD firmware couldn’t be simpler and will only take a few minutes. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please contact our Support Team.

What we have changed/added:

  • Store and manage up to 100 recipes on the Base Unit
  • Modify hardware set-points mid-reaction and save back to the recipe
  • Pause dosing routines based on sensor readings, including pH control.
  • “Wait for signal” step – a step that only completes when a user-specified sensor value is reached
  • “Wait for user” step – step only completes when confirmed by end-user.
  • Recipe visualization – schematic of recipe steps displayed graphically for easy overview
  • Recipe import/export function – move recipe files between Atlas HD bases

Atlas HD Base firmware upgrade process

  1. Click here to download the Firmware Update
  2. Unzip the Folder “Atlas HD Firmware Version 1.2.9” and extract the folder “bcb_update”
  3. Copy the folder “bcb_update” and paste this into the root folder of a USB Stick
  4. Insert the USB stick which contains the folder called ‘bcb_update’ into one of the USB slots on the side of the Atlas HD Base Unit. It does not matter which of the two USB slots is used
  5. Switch the power on via the IEC Power switch on the side of the unit
  6. Turn on the unit using the Boot Power button on the side
  7. The base will begin to Start Up – this can take several minutes. Select “Yes” on the pop up that appears
  8. Allow the update to apply. Once complete, this will revert to the main Atlas HD Menu
  9. Power down using the Boot Switch Power button followed by the IEC Power Switch. And remove the USB Stick
  10. Turn on the Atlas HD and use as normal


You can download the updated Atlas HD Manual here.

Update your Atlas Syringe Pump's firmware

If you have an Atlas Syringe Pump, to take advantage of Atlas HD’s new firmware features you will need to update your Pump’s firmware.

1) Download the firmware update here
2) Unzip the folder “Atlas Pump Firmware Version 1.5.2” and extract the folder “updates”.
3) Copy folder “updates” and paste this into the root folder of a USB stick.
4) Ensure the Atlas Syringe Pump is switched off.
5) Insert the prepared USB memory key into any of the 2 USB A ports on the back of the Atlas Syringe Pump unit.
6) Switch on the Atlas Syringe Pump.
7) The updates will automatically copy themselves over onto the pump and begin installing.
8) The update process can take up to 10 minutes. Do not switch the pump off during this time.
9) Once the update is complete, the pump will initialize and start up normally.
10) Safely remove the USB memory stick

Atlas HD Base firmware training overview video

The following video walks you through all of the updated features and functionality now available on the Atlas HD Base. If you have any questions about the functionality, please contact our Support Team.

Syrris Atlas HD Base Firmware Training Overview

New functionality

The new firmware provides more advanced reaction control directly to the Atlas HD Base, including pH-controlled dosing and temperature-dependent dosing when combined with an Atlas Syringe Pump. If your set-up doesn’t already include an Atlas Syringe Pump, contact us today to request a quote.

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