Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor and chemistry scale-up systems, has recently launched a new website accompanied by a logo redesign. With an array of innovative products alongside its award-winning R&D, it was time that Syrris’ online presence reflected the energy and personality of the company; a rebrand was in order.

The fresh website was designed with customers in mind, following a consultation with chemists to evaluate the appeal of different design aesthetics and determine the overall look and feel. The new layout simplifies the process of finding product and application information and provides easy access to the support team. Supporting scientists in their research is central to Syrris’ mission, and customer stories are helpfully collated in one place on the website. Nothing is more exciting for the company than seeing its products involved in the latest cutting-edge research, whether synthesizing quantum dots, developing biological analogs of plant hormones or determining accurate endpoints of polymerization reactions. Visitors can catch a fresh glimpse of the possibilities afforded by Syrris products and their applications, and understand what makes the company and its customers tick. As Mark Gilligan, CEO and group chairman, explained: “Our passion is to develop products that will impact the environmental, economic and health challenges of the 21st century.”

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