Medical device manufacturer, Medtronic, Ireland, has invested in two Atlas Potassium jacketed reactor systems from Syrris for the synthesis of polymers under strictly controlled conditions.

John Jennings, a Senior Scientist at Medtronic, explained: “Medtronic manufactures medical devices such as heart valve stents and implantable electronic devices, and our work involves the synthesis of polymers for this purpose. As a medical device manufacturer, we have no room for error in our work; we must be 100% on target every single time. We need to keep tight control over our polymer synthesis processes and this, together with the simplicity of the system, was the main reason for selecting the Atlas Potassium.

The Atlas Potassium system is very user-friendly. It is simple to assemble and easy to control. Previously, we maintained temperature control of our reactions using a circulatory water bath along with a temperature controller unit; temperature control is much simpler with the Atlas Potassium system, as everything is contained in one device which minimizes the likelihood of an error occurring. We are currently validating different processes prior to starting our manufacturing protocols, and the simplicity of the Atlas Potassium system will be a real advantage with our heavy workload.”

Atlas HD - Automated Chemical Synthesis System from Syrris
Atlas HD is the world's most advanced automated chemical synthesis system, designed and built by Syrris
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