Atlas Gas Selection Module

Part of the Atlas HD range

The Gas Selection Module allows 3 gases to be permanently connected to the module yet only one gas connected to the reactor at any one time. It can be controlled from the twist and click knob to select Gas 1, Gas 2, Gas 3, or None. Alternatively, it can be connected to a PC via an Atlas Port to be controlled by the Atlas or Reactor Master Software.

Each gas has a flow regulator, the valves are constructed from 316 L stainless steel and the unit is rated to 200 bar. Note: when using with Hydrogen, the maximum allowable pressure is limited to 100 bar.


  • Atlas Potassium 3 Bar Pressure System

    A modular 3 bar pressure reactor system that can be controlled automatically or manually.  Available with reactor volumes from 100 mL to 3 L that can be changed in minutes without the need for tools.

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  • Atlas Sodium 200 Bar Pressure System

    Designed for applications where elevated pressures (up to 200 bar) or temperatures (250 ºC as standard, >300 ºC as an option) are required e.g. hydrogenations, carbonylations, etc.

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