Atlas Lithium

Part of the Atlas HD range

Atlas Lithium automates reactions in round bottomed flasks or vials. With a Magnetic Stirrer, Hotplate, and Stacking Dry Bath, Atlas Lithium can heat and stir round bottom flasks from 50 mL to 1 L. The Dry Bath gives excellent thermal transfer, yet the exterior surface remains safe to touch.

  • Rapid heating: The advanced control algorithm heats faster than regular hotplates
  • Accurate: Exact control of reaction temperature is possible using PTFE coated reaction temperature probes
  • Convenient: Both single and multiple reactions can be controlled from the same systemFlexible
  • Flexible: The Atlas Lithium can hold a variety of round bottom flasks ranging from 50 mL to 1 L
  • Safe: Round bottom flasks and vials can be heated up to 280°C (hotplate temperature to 280°C), with Dry Bath exterior remaining safe to touch
  • Data logging: All sensors are logged to one .csv file which can be downloaded to a USB stick
  • Easy to use: The Atlas Lithium can be set up quickly and without the need for any tools. Round bottom flasks and vials can be changed in minutes
  • Intelligent: The Atlas Lithium system can control set points, including ramps and profiles for stirring speed and temperature
  • Robust: Specifically designed for use in chemical laboratories
  • Quick clamp: Vessel necks are clamped and aligned to the dry bath with a quick-lock system

Atlas Lithium Features

Designed for chemists who perform reactions in round bottom flasks or vials, the Atlas Lithium is a flexible and versatile system that allows single or multiple reactions to be performed quickly and effectively.

Atlas Lithium also allows users to edit and run profiles automatically from the Base Unit to control heating, cooling and stirring. Automated temperature of pH dependent reagent addition can be achieved by adding the Atlas Syringe Pump and pH probe.

An Atlas Lithium System can be Upgraded with:

  • Atlas Syringe Pump: Automatic temperature dependent reagent addition
  • Hot and Cold Plate: Temperature range of -40 to +160°C
  • pH and Temperature Node: For accurate, logged pH data or combine with pump for controlling the pH
  • Scorpion Overhead Stirrer: Auto aligning overhead stirring from 0 to 800RPM
  • Orbit: 6-12 parallel reactions with reflux and inert atmosphere
  • Triple Dry Bath: Use with Triple Clamp to perform reactions in three flasks at a time
  • Vial Bath: 6 or 12 parallel reactions in vials
  • Upgrade to Jacketed Vessels: Improve capacity and control with jacketed vessels
 Feature  Specification
Working Volume Options 50 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, and 1 litre flasks (2 litre option available)
Chemical Resistance All wetted parts are made from glass or PTFE
Maximum Temperature for Hotplate +280°C hot plate temperature
Minimum Temperature for Hotplate Room temperature
Maximum Temperature for Hot and Cold Plate +160°C hot plate temperature. The maximum temperature achievable is also circulator dependent
Minimum Temperature for Hot and Cold Plate -40°C. The minimum temperature achievable is also circulator dependent
Temperature Accuracy Class A RTDs, displayed to 3 decimal places. PID temperature control of process temperature
Modes of Operation Manual (set on Atlas Base), automated (set on Atlas Base), or full PC software control.
Magnetic Stirrer Up to 1200PM
Automated Reagent Addition Option See Atlas Syringe Pump for reagent addition specification


  • Atlas Flasks and Vials

    A range of essential tools for small scale chemistry in round bottom flasks and vials, providing fine control and enabling chemists to be more productive.

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