Syrris Atlas 200 Bar Gas Pressure Control ModuleThis module automatically controls the dosing of gas into and out of the reactor to control the pressure within the reactor. There are 3 modes:

      1. Set Min. Pressure and Max. Pressure – In this mode the inlet valve is opened if the pressure drops below the Min. Pressure and opens the outlet valve if the pressure is above Max. Pressure. The Gas Pressure Control Module will automatically maintain the pressure within the set range
      2. Vent – This closes the inlet valve and opens the outlet valve
      3. Purge – This opens both the inlet and outlet valves


The Pressure Control Module can be controlled from the twist and click knob or can be connected to a PC via an Atlas Port and controlled by the Atlas or Reactor Master Software. Valves are manufactured from 316L stainless steel.  The module is rated to 200 bar.

      • Maximum input pressure: 200 Bar
      • Maximum pressure read by the sensor: 200 Bar
      • Maximum settable pressure: 200 Bar
      • Pressure set to/displayed to increments of: 0.5 Bar

This module is for the following Syrris products: