Syrris chemistry workshops

What are Syrris chemistry workshops?

Syrris chemistry workshops provide chemists with on-site educational sessions on topics such as flow chemistry, automated chemistry systems, and reaction calorimetry.

Syrris chemistry workshops can either be closed events hosted by businesses for their own staff or open events, usually hosted at universities, for chemists from the university and local businesses to attend. Click here to see what workshops are already available.

Why host/attend Syrris chemistry workshops?

The workshops are free to host and attend and provide an opportunity to learn new techniques and use exciting equipment, such as fully automated flow and batch chemistry systems and reaction calorimeters.

Since 2014, Syrris has been hosting free one-day, hands-on workshops based on flow chemistry, automated chemistry, and reaction calorimetry. Previous attendees, working in a wide range of application areas around the globe, have consistently provided enthusiastic and positive feedback. The focus of our workshops is to increase the user knowledge and understanding of these applications and systems. Syrris’ knowledgeable experts and chemists present an array of workshops structured for novice and expert users alike.

Our workshop concept is simple; bring the technology to the chemist. Our presentations provide all the information in a straightforward and instructive manner with plenty of time for questions and discussions. Workshops include hands-on modules for full user interaction with relevant instrumentation in a laboratory setting.

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Syrris chemistry workshops in action
A short video showing real chemists getting to grips with Syrris flow chemistry systems and attending a flow chemistry presentation at one of our free one-day flow chemistry workshops