Reaction calorimetry

Reaction calorimeters play a fundamental role in chemical process research and development. The data these instruments generate provides crucial information about chemical process kinetics and enable a safe approach to scaling-up.

Syrris offers two reaction calorimetry systems, the Atlas HD and Chemisens reaction calorimeters. Hazards can be observed even during the initial development, so fast, easy to use instrument is a must in modern process development laboratory. Many possibly hazardous scenarios can be simulated using the reaction calorimeters, minimizing risks when this knowledge is applied to large scale process.

The Atlas HD Reaction Calorimeter is designed to be a versatile system, to be used even by staff that doesn’t specifically need to be experts in safety studies. The UI is designed in a way that will guide the user through the setup of the experiment, and reporting wizard provides quick access to basic thermodynamic data with risks of misinterpreting the data minimized. Especially suitable as “screening” reaction calorimeter, it will give access to data quickly with minimized effort. As it is built upon the Atlas HD reactor platform, the system can be utilized as a standard automated synthesis platform when calorimetric measurements are not needed.

The Chemisens Reaction Calorimeter system is a high-performance instrument offering unrivaled sensitivity and accuracy in this scale. Combining advantages of microcalorimetry, adiabatic calorimetry, and typical reaction calorimetry, it will provide thorough thermodynamic data even for most challenging processes (such as distillations, solid reactions, gas reactions and many more). It is the only instrument offered on the market currently with increased pressure capability as standard (20 bar(g). The system utilizes True Heat Flow principle, which allows for up to 4-6 times higher throughput compared to traditional methods while providing data of unrivaled quality.