Asia FLUX Module for Syrris Asia Flow Chemistry systemsThe Asia FLUX is a flexible, tunable, continuous flow electrochemistry module. This compact module enables unique chemical transformations with ultimate ease of use.

The module consists of a power supply and electrochemical flow cell. The cell, with minimal electrode gap, enables a wide range of electrode materials to be changed in seconds. The Asia FLUX combines the best advantages of flow chemistry and electrochemistry to offer ultimate ease of use and reproducibility.

Features and benefits of Asia FLUX:

      • Access unique chemical space: Electrochemical activation of chemical reagents enables selectivity and transformations impossible by other techniques
      • Reduction of reagent use: Electrochemical reduction and oxidation enables a lowering of the use of toxic and/or hazardous oxidizing and reducing agents and also enables regeneration of catalytic material
      • Electrosynthesis of drug metabolites: The Asia FLUX module can simulate the human liver to rapidly synthesize drug metabolites at preparative scales
      • No tools required: The Asia FLUX module allows the electrodes to be changed easily without the need for tools
      • Tuneable reactions: The ability to combine a selectable current or voltage in combination with the desired residence time enables accurate control of the electron equivalents generated for a given reaction
      • Multiple modes of use: The Asia FLUX module can be used in either constant  current (Galvanostatic) mode or constant voltage (potentiostatic) mode
      • Ideal for multi-step reactions: Reagent free generation of reactive intermediates facilitates easier subsequent reactions
      • Compact: The Asia FLUX module is just 16cm (6.3″) wide
      • Easy to use: Turn the dial to select the voltage or current and click to ‘go’
      • Scalable: Leave the module running to produce large quantities of electrochemical product
      • Real-time temperature monitoring: An integrated temperature probe constantly measures the reactor temperature ensuring complete knowledge of the reaction temperature profile
      • Innovative design: Electrodes can be changed in seconds without tools, the temperature to be accurately controlled and monitored and the active electrode to be switched from the anode to the cathode with the touch of a button
      • Fewer additives and minimized Joule heating: A high surface area and an electrode gap of just 100s of microns